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Adelaide is a beautiful little town with a rich heritage – truly a secret gem of South Africa. From the gorgeous and historic town square to the stunning surrounding countryside, Adelaide provides everything which the discerning traveler could possibly desire from a sojourn in South Africa. The Tri Angle B&B is the perfect base from which to explore this lovely location – sumptuously comfortable rooms and exquisite dining make this the ideal venue to return to after a long day’s exploring, and the best place in all of Adelaide to wake up, fresh and ready for another day’s enjoyment of the locale.

Rich Heritage

For those interested in history, Adelaide has much to offer. The township was first established in 1835 as a British military encampment, which swiftly attracted San, Xhosa, Scottish, and Afrikaans inhabitants. Those with a penchant for the South African frontier era will have all their interests catered for by Adelaide, which has a colorful history of Anglo-Dutch hostilities during the South African War. The unique and historic Dutch Reformed Church, according to legend, had a cannon placed upon its rampart-like steeple by the British – which may or may not have been fired, depending on who you talk to. The interior of the church has an amusing (if possibly apocryphal) backstory. Local legend has it that an enormous shipment of wood turned up mysteriously in Adelaide, delivered by a shipping company from England. Delighted at this seemingly providential turn of events, the people of Adelaide set about turning the wood into a marvelous set of pews and a pulpit for the church – a community endeavor of which everyone in the town was very proud. This pride was tempered somewhat when an enquiry arrived from Adelaide, Australia, concerning a missing shipment of English wood… The Dutch Reformed Church, complete with erroneously-delivered pews and pulpit, can be visited today as a part of the Heritage Museum. This is largely within the old parsonage building, and provides a detailed and comprehensive view of colonial life. The collections of porcelain, clothing, photographs and artifacts from the time are fascinating, and one can finish up with a wander in the exquisitely maintained grounds of the church.

The Wild Coast

For those with plenty of time on their hands, it may be worth taking a trip out of Adelaide to South Africa’s Wild Coast. This beautiful, wild, and rugged stretch of coastline off the Eastern Cape is well worth the visit, and very much achievable in a day trip from Adelaide. South Africa’s coast is rightly famed for its utterly stunning natural beauty, which draws awestruck cruisers every year. The Wild Coast is notable for its unspoiled quality. Miles and miles of rolling waves crash against rugged cliffs, with the awe-inspiring backdrop of Africa framing the spectacular scenes. For sheer, unbridled natural power and beauty, the Wild Coast is very hard to beat. Of course, there are also secluded beaches where one can soak up some of the South African sun and enjoy a paddle in the waters if one is so inclined. Miles of hiking trails snake along the Wild Coast, making it an ideal destination for those who like to stretch their legs and take some breathtaking photographs.

Nature lovers who want something a little closer to Adelaide will not find themselves short of options. The enormously bio diverse and incredibly beautiful Addo Elephant Park is within striking distance. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the African wilderness, seeing such incredible sights as elephants, buffalo, lions, black rhino, and many more. The Winterberg Mountains, just to the north of Adelaide, provide almost limitless opportunities for scenic drives, hikes, and bike rides through some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere in the world. Those wanting a natural experience with some added historical interest should head to the Fort Fordyce Nature Reserve. Between Fort Beaufort and Adelaide, this nature reserve not only provides a wide variety of flora and fauna set within unbeatable, panoramic landscapes – it also contains some fine examples of very early San rock art.

An Undiscovered Gem

Adelaide itself encompasses a wealth of culture, history, and beauty. The palm-lined streets and exquisite town square lend the place a unique and very special atmosphere. The shabeens and pubs of the town are welcoming, and give visitors the opportunity to experience the wonderful cuisine and culture of the Xhosa. The Eastern Cape as a whole is renowned for its excellent and varied eateries, so foodies will certainly not find themselves wanting! All in all, Adelaide and the Tri Angle B&B provide the perfect base from which to revel in the charms of an undiscovered South African gem, and to enjoy one of the most spectacular and beautiful areas in the whole of Africa.

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